Welcome to B🎃baB🎃ard!

"Where the bugs are funny and the people are cool" — Outdated Meme

Remember: this is the experimental version of an experimental website. If you experience a problem, then stuff is likely to be actually broken.

Please do report bugs, thoughts and praise (seriously, gotta know what's working) in the #v0-report discord channel, the !bobaland board or the (even more) anonymous feedback form in the user menu.

Latest news

An Actual Update

Thanks to a NEW volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous, I hereby bring you an actual update:

  1. Fixed (we hope) a long-standing bug resulting in an error page if a thread stayed open for too long. This had been reported multiple times over the years and should now be fixed 🤞!
  2. Fixed a bug with long board names cutting off wrongly on small screens
  3. Some internal clean ups of our codebase

Please join me in thanking them for their work!

On Volunteering & Governance

As you might know, we've been working behind the scenes on turning BobaBoard in a project that's truly lead by the community. If you wish to get involved (not in just coding), please do reach out so we know who's interested! All skills welcome!

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