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Small Announcement

Hello. Webmaster here.

Long story short (heed the warnings above): my 5yo (male) cat has been vomiting for a month, even if he's fine otherwise. We don't know what he has, but we're at the stage where some of the possibilities left on the list are very scary. Regardless of how it goes (we'll know more in two weeks once we can get him an endoscopy), we're going through a period of anticipatory grief about a goodbye that one day will happen.

I don't know when updates will be back to a regular schedule. If I do work, I'll try to focus on what gives me pleasure instead of what needs to be done (though i haven't been able to sit at a laptop at all the last couple days). I please ask you that you be extra patient with each other while I put my heart back together as best as I can. I'm of course always reachable in case of urgent need.

Thank you so much ♥️

»The next appointment is to check whether it's IBD or lymphoma
»These are going to be the longest two weeks of my life

Small update: he's still doing mostly alright, but also still sick. When we stopped the horny juice yesterday, since he was still puking on it, he had a relapse and a bad puke day (four times, poor boy). With this, the only thing left to do is waiting for the endoscopy on Monday.

My energy levels are all over the place. I was doing better until the rough patch yesterday, and now I'm just vegetating again. I know this is fine, just wanted to keep you updated :)

I'll let you know as soon as we have him back safe and sound after the anesthesia/exam on Monday!

»My boyyyyyyy
»I was up until 5am just being next to him after he puked a little bit in the middle of the night
»We played a bit and he was doing fine though
»He wants to play and wants to eat and all the good signs
»He also came to sleep on me when I finally came to bed and it was the sweetest thing
»I really feel like he knows mommy is having a rough time
»(also when I cuddle him he sometimes let's me rub my face on his shaved belly and it's so warm and soft and has all the fur stubble)
»(10/10 would shave again)
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