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Small Announcement

Hello. Webmaster here.

Long story short (heed the warnings above): my 5yo (male) cat has been vomiting for a month, even if he's fine otherwise. We don't know what he has, but we're at the stage where some of the possibilities left on the list are very scary. Regardless of how it goes (we'll know more in two weeks once we can get him an endoscopy), we're going through a period of anticipatory grief about a goodbye that one day will happen.

I don't know when updates will be back to a regular schedule. If I do work, I'll try to focus on what gives me pleasure instead of what needs to be done (though i haven't been able to sit at a laptop at all the last couple days). I please ask you that you be extra patient with each other while I put my heart back together as best as I can. I'm of course always reachable in case of urgent need.

Thank you so much ♥️

»The next appointment is to check whether it's IBD or lymphoma
»These are going to be the longest two weeks of my life

Just came back from our visit. He didn't have the endoscopy because the doctor thinks it's unlikely to be lymphoma (he'd be losing weight) and that it might not even be IBD. We're first trying him on gastric reflux medication and seeing whether that calms things down. If it doesn't, we will likely have the endoscopy in a couple weeks.

»This is both good news
»And also, well, there's the possibility that this will carry on even longer
»I'm completely exhausted with worry so I hope this works out well
»Anyway, I'll keep you all updated and still work on fun stuff for a bit!