The Bobo Feature Releases Thread

Rather than continuing to manually update our "new stuff" display, I've hereby elected to make a valiant attempt at using an actual thread for it. This will not only make life easier for me, but also allow people to comment and ask questions on the updates themselves.

You'll still see the latest update in the same place with the same format. I've considered porting the old updates to this thread, but decided it's not worth the time. If you want a timeline of really old update, the logs page will always be there to serve us.

»I haven't actually implemented it
»I'm just starting with making the thread
»and seeing if i can actually get it done
»if not, this thread will live in infamy forever I guess

In the same fashion as January 1st's food is just the reheated leftovers of the night before, today's most important update is embed anything from anywhere (but this time for real). For the curious, a thread explaining How Things Got Fucked.

Other changes:

  • Improved general handling of embed errors, so When Things Get Fucked, they can recover better.
  • The title now changes when you navigate between pages.
  • Re-added the thread loading indicator. And now threads will reload correctly even if you exit one and immediately re-enter it.

Also, join our next event: the Most Iconic Seme/Uke Pageants. Nomination threads are open in !ships until sometime next week.

(And don't forget Treat Yourself Day on January 6th).