The Bobo Feature Releases Thread

Rather than continuing to manually update our "new stuff" display, I've hereby elected to make a valiant attempt at using an actual thread for it. This will not only make life easier for me, but also allow people to comment and ask questions on the updates themselves.

You'll still see the latest update in the same place with the same format. I've considered porting the old updates to this thread, but decided it's not worth the time. If you want a timeline of really old update, the logs page will always be there to serve us.

»I haven't actually implemented it
»I'm just starting with making the thread
»and seeing if i can actually get it done
»if not, this thread will live in infamy forever I guess

Welcome to

The New BobaBoard Releases System

new year, new us! Thanks to incredible technological advancements that only costed our dear webmistresses a bunch of newly-grayed hair, new releases are now officially announced by a special thread update!

Not only this allows you all to comment on releases, but (if I played my cards right) it also means our special "subscriptions system" will automatically notify our Discord servers of updates!

This aside, have one last 2020 gift:

  • You can now use the "best effort embed" option to attempt embedding anything on the web. Let me know if you find websites that don't work, so I can update the code and make it better and better!
»it's time to try
»if this doesn't notify we'll have to try again next year
»but hopefully it at least updates the main page as it should
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